The Proposal


The restaurant’s cuisine celebrates the sea’s bounty. Chef Daniele’s dishes marry only the best 
of ingredients, highlighting local flavors with unique and personal touches, eclipsing culinary boundaries in a continuous search for contemporary and refined flavors.

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Chef & Owner


A young and dynamic chef on the Italian culinary scene with a wealth of awards and recognitions to his name, Daniele Usai brings to the table his love for simplicity, imparting with a delicate elegance the dedication of one who works with great passion.

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The cooking school will return in the fall.
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Well-situated within Nautilus Marina, Il Tino’s mood is modern and its design minimalist, while the quality of its cuisine is always a surety.

Daniele Usai stays the course of the original restaurant opened in Ostia in 2006 which then, exactly a decade later, moved to its current location in Fiumicino.