A Michelin-starred restaurant
and the oldest marina on the Roman coast

A unique and unforgettable place.
Shipyard Nautilus Marina was first opened in the ‘60s by the Bulgari family. It became an exclusive club thanks to Admiral Agostino Straulino, business partner of Nautilus and a legend in the nautical world.
In the ‘90s Pino Stilitano and his sons Paolo and Nico decided to take over the structure, transforming it from a boat dock into one of the most important and well-known shipyards in the region.
Ristorante Il Tino is a part of Nautilus and is housed within the historic structure. 
A cozy sitting room is ideal for diners who want to treat themselves to an aperitif before dinner or a coffee or spirit after dinner.
An exclusive dining room with 8 round tables boasts sprawling glass windows that look out on the Tiber and the boats docked below in the harbor. 
A spectacular and brand-new open kitchen lets guests watch Chef Daniele Usai and his team at work.
A spacious private parking lot is available.